Taking Wine to the Next Level

A New Edition Of A Classic Course

We taste, compare and evaluate nearly 100 wines in WSET Level 3

We taste, compare and evaluate nearly 100 wines in WSET Level 3

Finally -- it's time for WSET Level Three Award in Wine in Miami! WSET just revised the Level Three Award in Wines course materials, so we embark on a great wine journey with a new text and a new course program that includes the latest research on viticulture, wine regions and more. I am so enthusiastic about presenting this new program to the wine lovers of South Florida for Fine Vintage, Ltd. and particularly excited to be sharing the teaching with my good friend and WSET mentor James Cluer, MW.

Whether you are a wine professional or a serious wine consumer there is no replacement for the solid educational foundation provided by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. WSET is the most highly regarded source of a broad wine education available to the wine professional as well as the serious consumer, and this course, officially titled "Level 3 Award in Wines," leads to one of the most prized certifications in the wine world. The course goes into significant detail about grape growing, winemaking, and maturation, and then tours the world region by region. And of course, it includes extensive coaching in the hallmark of the WSET approach, the acclaimed systematic tasting method that gives you a solid framework for evaluating and describing any wine you encounter. And while much of the course is about wine, there is an extensive module on spirits as well.

During the three weekends of the course (January 14 & 15, January 21 & 22 and January 28 & 29) we will taste 100 wines and spirits. Each day includes a period devoted to preparation for the certification exam at the end of day six - your gateway to the coveted Level 3 Award in Wines. Some WSET providers try to pack all the information in Level 3 into just four days (and offer fewer wines and fewer opportunities to perfect your tasting method as a result). At Fine Vintage, we don't believe you can really understand all the material, nor can you be fully prepared for the exam, with so few wines and so little class time. We believe gaining a full understanding of Level Three takes three weekends, and we have a pass rate higher than 85% to support our belief. We invite you to join us for a remarkable and rewarding educational and tasting experience, and really learn the WSET approach.

What Level Three Means

At the end of the six-day course, you will be fully prepared for the exam (given the last two hours of day six), and be able to:

  • Understand the effect of location and identify the key factors influencing viticultural practice 
  • Identify the key options available for vinification, maturation and bottling 
  • Understand the legal requirements for labeling 
  • Understand the cost breakdown for wines and spirits 
  • Identify the key wine producing regions and districts of the principal wine producing countries of the world and, where appropriate, the important communes 
  • Identify the key factors and characteristics influencing the style, quality and price of the wines 
  • Understand the social, health and safety issues relating to the consumption of wines and spirits 
  • Identify common faults and the possible causes 
  • Offer recommendations on sale and service 
  • Understand the principles of food and wine matching 

For more details about what Level Three entails (including a sample wine log that gives you an idea of the exceptional wines we taste during the course), visit the Fine Vintage, Ltd website here

Your Guides to Understanding Level Three

Oloroso at WSET

This course in Miami brings together two instructors with extensive experience in the wine trade, Lyn Farmer and James Cluer, MW.

Lyn Farmer is the lead educator in Florida for Fine Vintage, Ltd (North America's leading provider of WSET courses and the 2011 WSET Educator of the Year). A James Beard Award-winning wine and food writer and an educator for more than two decades, Lyn brings a unique passion and enthusiasm to his classes and provides a dual perspective as both a consumer and a wine trade professional. (You can read more about Lyn's background here).

James Cluer, MW, the founder of Fine Vintage, Ltd., will be teaching Level 3 with Lyn

James Cluer, MW, the founder of Fine Vintage, Ltd., will be teaching Level 3 with Lyn

James Cluer, MW, is, as that post-nominal indicates, a Master of Wine as well as the founder of Fine Vintage, Ltd. With his extensive background in the wine industry, James brings an international perspective to his teaching. He is in great demand as a vineyard and winery consultant and, as a speaker, he is blessed with an easy-going manner that makes even the most technical information approachable. James has 22 years of experience in the wine trade, having worked at wineries in Bordeaux, Australia, Napa Valley and the Okanagan in British Columbia. For several years he was the Export Director for a French negociant, and also worked for an Ontario import agency. Today, he is the general manager of two wineries, leads tours to many of the world's great wine regions and teaches whenever he has a spare moment! I am particularly happy to have James joining me for part of this Level Three course in Miami.

With these two passionate wine lovers as your guides, you will take your love of wine to the next level...and meet some terrific people in the process. Our Level Three classes generally consist of equal numbers of enthusiastic amateurs and dedicated wine professionals, including wine brand ambassadors, journalists, sommeliers, importers and distributors.


To register for WSET Level Three in Miami with Fine Vintage, Ltd., we encourage you to book early. We keep the class size small to facilitate discussion, but some preparation is necessary. It is highly recommended you read through the textbook before coming to the first class. Once you register your place will be held, and well before class begins you will receive the new 2017 edition of the WSET Level Three textbook, workbook and tasting guide. You can register online quickly and easily right here.

Once the seats for the course are booked, we must close registration, so be sure to register early, and invite a friend! This will be a great class and a rewarding wine experience that will lead to your gaining the coveted WSET Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits.