Photos of Cariñena

The Spanish DO (Denomination of Origin) of Cariñena is the principal wine region of Aragon, Spain. Here, midway between Madrid and Barcelona, hard working vintners tend scrappy vines in the rocky red soil, producing some of Spain's greatest garnacha (grenache in France) and cariñena (the grape is called carignan in much of the rest of the world, but here it carries its original name, the same name as the region). The winemakers of Cariñena say their wines are "crafted in stone," and in these photos of vineyards, winemakers and the countryside, you can readily see why. I love this sometimes arid place populated by wide swaths of red stone punctuated with patches of green vineyard. It is less well known than, say, Ribera del Duero and Rioja, but the wines of the region have a character and personality all their own. I'm very proud that the governing body of DO Cariñena feels that my photographs of the region capture the people and spirit of Cariñena and have used many of the photos in their educational and press materials about Cariñena.