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I've published three books, dozens of magazine articles, hundreds of restaurant reviews and food articles in newspapers and magazines, and thousands of tasting notes for individual wines. Here are a few of those articles and notes.

From The Wine News

Tom and Elizabeth Smith's revered publication lamentably ceased print publication in 2010, a casualty of the many changes in the magazine industry in the digital age. For more than 20 years, it was a great outlet for exceptional photography, graphics and insightful writing that emphasized the human character of the wine industry. My belief that behind every great bottle there is a great story, and in every great story there is an interesting person was formed during my time at The Wine News, first as a member of the tasting panel and later as Senior Editor. Beginning in 1996, I wrote the annual Champagne cover story published in the December-January issue of the magazine, and three of these articles in The Wine News were recognized by the James Beard Foundation (they are denoted below by an asterisk):



The Allure of Aged Champagne - yes, it does improve

Champagne's Gold Standard - a look at how the Champagne industry ranks quality

*House Style - Style more than quality differentiates most Champagne brands

*Family Matters - despite French inheritance laws, it's still a family business

Revealing Champagne's Mystique - what makes this wine so special?

Grabbing Le Baton - a new generation emerges in Champagne

*Something Old - Champagne Ages Gracefully

Rosé Champagne for the Ages - a mid-summer article about my favorite Champagne style

How big a deal is "dosage," the sweetness level of Champagne? Bigger than you think....


California's Influential Winemakers - they were (mostly) the Class of '76 and they changed winemaking in America 

Brut Force - my final Wine News Champagne article before the bubbles burst

2000 Vintage Port - It was a great year

In Search of Whisky's Spirit - Sailing the Western Isles, a dram a day