The Gift That Keeps On Sipping

IMAGE: Bojana Krstic

IMAGE: Bojana Krstic

This is gift-giving time for many people and that means the annual struggle to come up with an idea that is welcome, meaningful and useful. And I have just the thing for you to give (or ask to receive) - a WSET certified wine class! Why give a tie that will never be worn, a book that will never be read or a perfume that doesn't really suit the recipient? With a WSET wine class you give a gift of wine, of education, of knowledge...a gift of confidence.

We have a one-day Level 1 class coming up on February 6 in Miami, and in March there will be Level 2 and Level 3, so there is a class ahead for every wine lover. Level 1 is a great way to get your partner as interested in wine as you are, and you can order the class as a gift as easily as opening a screw-cap wine bottle. Here's how:

Go to the Fine Vintage, Ltd registration page and fill it out with all your recipient's details, except use your e-mail address and payment details. This way, your giftee is registered and you get the receipt that you can then print and give as a gift. Just include your request for a gift certificate in the "Special Notes" box on the registration page. I rather think the certificate would make a fine piece of wrapping paper for a wine bottle, but that's just me.

Have questions about the classes, or wondering about the appropriate level for registration? Drop me an e-mail through the link on this website, or add a comment below, or connect with my colleagues at Fine Vintage, Ltd.  Let's make sure 2016 is a year of sharing our passion for wine by gaining some extra knowledge, some tasting experience and meeting some like-minded wine lovers in one of the WSET classes I teach in South Florida!