Lyn Farmer is a James Beard Award-winning wine and food writer, WSET Instructor, festival director, arts educator and public speaker. 

His mission? Engaging the Senses - One Glass, One Bite, One Image, One Experience at a time. It's time to taste your world...

One enjoyable path to better taste your world is through a WSET wine class. Lyn teaches WSET courses with Fine Vintage, Ltd in several cities across the US, with new classes at every level of expertise coming up in spring and summer in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, New York and Miami -- all great opportunities to expand your wine horizons just in time for Summer cookouts and parties (and your own casual sipping at any time, of course!) In addition to a series of WSET courses, I'm particularly delighted to be offering Fine Vintage's exceptional Sensory Masterclass in Miami and Chicago in May -- this is an intensive and amazing exploration of wine flavor and aroma. Time to tune your sniffer with this course that is beneficial to wine lovers at any level (in other words, no prerequisites!)

Life is a communal experience and wine, food, art and travel are best appreciated when they are shared. Lyn shares his ideas in both public and trade presentations, speeches, seminars and, of course, Lyn's blog, Engaging the Senses. This is a continuing reflection on how the good things in life can propel our interaction with the wider world. Wine, food, performing arts, visual arts and travel all intersect to provide a rich and fulfilling (not to mention tasty) life experience. That experience is available for sharing - you won't go hungry or thirsty here!


Lyn is a passionate advocate of wine education and teaches WSET courses for Fine Vintage, Ltd, North America's leading provider of WSET wine education. WSET is the most respected source of wine education and there is sure to be a class of interest here regardless of your level of wine experience. Join us - we have a full range of classes coming up in Miami, Chicago and Atlanta in April and May, and in Boston and New York in June and July. Also in May, we are offering Fine Vintage's exceptional two-day Sensory Masterclass in Miami and Chicago - a unique, in-depth exploration of  wine flavor and aroma. Check the Wine Courses page for details or ask, Why Take a Wine Class?

Vision is an important part of engaging the senses as both a means of expression and a key to recollection. These photo galleries are compiled from my  extensive work as a travel photographer.  Here are small collections of some of my favorite photos over a few years of tasting, teaching and travel. This collection also includes a selection of past print articles and an archive of tasting notes. Come - let's stroll ancient landscapes, walk through some vineyards, taste some wine and drink in our surroundings.

Upcoming Events With Lyn

Lyn leads many presentations, tastings and classes - here are some upcoming events that link to longer posts and more details. To see events for the next few months, visit the Events Page on the website