Copyright: rostislavsedlacek / 123RF Stock Photo Used with Permission

Copyright: rostislavsedlacek / 123RF Stock Photo Used with Permission

WSET Level 3 Course

This is WSET's advanced course for individuals seeking to delve deeply into the world of wines. This qualification provides a detailed understanding of grape growing and wine making and provides intensive work with the structured approach to tasting. Over the course of six days, we taste more than 100 wines. While the WSET mandates a minimum of 30 hours of classroom training, at Fine Vintage we provide 40 hours (exclusive of the exam) to assure you have the maximum understanding and ability to take the two-hour exam at the end of the course. Upon completion of this course you will be able to assess wines accurately, and use your understanding to confidently explain wine style and quality. Upon successful completion of the exam you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin, and will also be able to use the associated WSET Certified logo.

A New Edition Of A Classic Course

WSET revised the Level 3 course materials in 2016 to increase the focus on wine and new wine technology, , so we embark with a course program that includes the latest research on viticulture, wine regions and more. It is an in-depth course in which the classroom instruction synchronizes with the latest edition of the textbook, a beautifully written and very informative guide to the nuances of wine appreciation. And the workbook that accompany the text includes a large number of colorful maps of the world's wine regions in addition to many helpful tips for tasting.

The course goes into significant detail about grape growing, winemaking, and maturation, and then tours the world region by region. And of course, it includes extensive coaching in the foundation of the WSET approach, the acclaimed systematic tasting method that gives you a solid framework for evaluating and describing any wine you encounter.

Over the three weekends of the course we taste 100 wines. Each day includes a period devoted to preparation for the certification exam at the end of Day Six - your gateway to the coveted WSET Level 3 Award in Wines. Some WSET providers try to pack all the information in Level 3 into just four days, offering the bare minimum of 30 hours of classroom tutoring, pouring fewer wines and with fewer opportunities to perfect your tasting method as a result. In the course James Cluer created for Fine Vintage, we offer more than 40 hours of classroom study and guided tasting leading up to the exam. Since the exam includes a tasting module, you will want as much coaching on your tasting skills as possible.  We believe gaining a full understanding of Level 3 takes three full weekends, and we have a pass rate much higher than the WSET average to support our belief that exam preparation is key. We invite you to join us for a remarkable and rewarding educational and tasting experience, and really learn the WSET approach with Fine Vintage, Ltd..

What WSET Level 3 Means

At the end of Fine Vintage's Level 3 course, you will be fully prepared for the exam (given the last two and a half hours of day six), and be able to:

  • Understand the effect of location and identify the key factors influencing viticultural practice

  • Identify the key options available for vinification, maturation and bottling

  • Understand the legal requirements for labeling

  • Identify the key wine producing regions and districts of the principal wine producing countries of the world and, where appropriate, the important communes

  • Identify the key factors and characteristics influencing the style, quality and price of the wines

  • Understand the social, health and safety issues relating to the consumption of alcoholic beverages

  • Identify common faults and the possible causes

  • Offer recommendations on sale and service

  • Understand the principles of food and wine matching

For more details about what Level 3 entails visit the Fine Vintage, Ltd website here. You can also download a sample wine log that illustrates the extremely high level of wines we taste during the six days of the course. Remember, you can't learn about fine wine tasting average wine - you want the good stuff, and we pour it here! 

Your Guides to Understanding WSET Level 3

Lyn & Fute

With Level 3's strong emphasis on analytical tasting (a necessary skill to successfully pass the tasting portion of the final exam), we want to give you as broad a tasting experience as possible. For this reason, we add an additional tasting perspective to the course with a second instructor.  For the courses in Chicago, Miami, and New York, Fine Vintage manager David Munro joins me in the classroom to share his exceptional tasting perceptions and insights. You can read more about my background in wine and food on the About Me page.

David Munro is in his final year of studies for the coveted Master of Wine designation. He is already one of WSET's top sake educators as well as a long-time favorite instructor with Fine Vintage at all levels of WSET education. David and I have worked together many times, and I am excited to share the classroom with him again to give you as broad a perspective as possible on the WSET Structured Approach to Tasting. And in Chicago I will be joined by Jenny Book, a Master of Wine candidate, and Fine Vintage’s lead instructor in Calgary.

With the tastings and extensive coverage of great wine regions of the world, you will truly take your love of wine to the next level...and meet some terrific people in the process. Our WSET Level 3 classes generally feature a mix of both enthusiastic (and serious) amateurs and dedicated wine professionals, including wine brand ambassadors, journalists, sommeliers, importers and distributors.

I encourage you to register as early as possible for all our courses, but especially with Level Three. The textbook is lengthy and we encourage you to read it through at least four times prior to the exam on the final weekend of the course. To do this, you will want it as far in advance of the course as possible, so please do not hesitate to register at your earliest convenience to assure you have the best possible opportunity to excel on the exam to to get the most from the tastings and exercises in the classroom.

Upcoming dates for the Fine Vintage WSET Level Three course with Lyn Farmer:

WSET Level 3 in New York

Course TBA

David Munro and I just wrapped up our Level 3 course in New York - congratulations to a terrific group of wine lovers who participated and now nervously await the exam results!

The next Level Three course in New York City will likely be in the autumn or next winter - stay tuned for details. We’ll also be announcing other New York courses shortly.

Click the button below to go directly to the New York course page on the Fine Vintage, Ltd. website

WSET Level 3 in Chicago

Course begins March 30, 2019

The next Level 3 course in Chicago is offered over three weekends, beginning  Saturday and Sunday, March 30 & 31, 2019, and concluding on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 & 14, 2019. Fine Vintage’s Jenny Book will join the class for the final weekend to provide an additional tasting perspective and insights into wine styles. Each of the six days begins at 9am and continues to 5pm with a one hour break for lunch. The last three hours of day six are given over to the certification exam in three parts: a blind tasting exam (evaluating two wines, one red and one white), a multiple choice exam and four “short answer” questions.

Our Chicago courses are offered at City Winery at 1200 West Randolph Street. Click the button below to go directly to the Chicago course page on the Fine Vintage, Ltd. website