WSET Level 2 Comes to Chicago!

  • City Winery 1200 West Randolph Street Chicago, IL, 60607 United States

Fine Vintage Ltd. is pleased to announce a WSET Level 2 course at the beautiful City Winery in Chicago next month.

WSET Level 2 is offered over two weekends, giving you three days of intensive class review and tasting without interrupting the business week. This Level 2 course is scheduled for Saturday, July 29, Sunday, July 30 and the following Saturday, August 5 -- three full days of exploring the nuances of wine and wine tasting. This gives you a week-long break in the middle of the course to put into practice what you've learned, to hone your tasting skills and, best of all, to practice tasting. And a little study time as well to ensure you pass the exam on the final day, leading to your official WSET Certification. The experience is more than the sum of its parts, as the textbook and coursework are amplified by the real-world application of concepts and flavors of the tastings.

Who is this class for?

We taste nine to 10 wines in each morning and afternoon session

We taste nine to 10 wines in each morning and afternoon session

The Level 2 Award in Wines (to use the course's official name) naturally follows from the foundation in wine provided in the Level 1 course. While we recommend taking Level 1 so you have a solid grounding in the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting, it is not an absolute requirement if you already have a good understanding of wine. For the amateur wine lover and the hospitality professional alike, Level 2 classes are entertaining as well as informative and include a diverse array of students. Typically, our Level 2 courses include an equal number of passionate consumers and people from the hospitality industry and the beverage trade. Level 2 is the ideal place for the wine lover already familiar with the basics of wine and wine tasting to gain solid technical knowledge and tasting experience that just cannot be picked up by reading magazine articles and books. In addition to the tutor-guided tastings and course work, you have the added benefit of interactions with your classmates, making this a significantly better option for learning than interactive online sessions.

Why take a class?

In many instances, we compare wines from the same grape grown in two different regions - here, Bordeaux cabernet vs. California Cab.

In many instances, we compare wines from the same grape grown in two different regions - here, Bordeaux cabernet vs. California Cab.

Level 2 is a significant step up from Level 1 and includes tasting more than 50 wines and several spirits over the course of the three days. I've found that tasting this range of wines with a knowledgeable tutor is an excellent way to get a real fix on one of the WSET program's strongest elements, structured tasting. This can't easily be learned in a self-study program or online; it can only be truly understood as part of a series of interactive tastings. One of the reasons to take a WSET course is to get a dependable framework for tasting, a system on which you can rely no matter what wine you are sampling and whether the aromas and flavors are familiar or new to you. Working with the textbook and the study guide (both provided several weeks in advance of the class sessions), you'll also finely hone your tasting skills as well as your knowledge not only of what different wines taste like, but why they taste different.

Over the three days of the Level Two course, we'll explore in depth:

  •  Growing grapes
  •  Making and maturing wine
  • The art of tasting in detail using WSET's Structured Approach to Tasting
  •  Food and wine matching
  • The classic grape varieties with detailed comparative tastings highlighting the same grape in wine from  different regions (chardonnay from warm and cool climates, for example)
  • An in-depth look at the wines of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, as well as, 
  • New World wine regions including the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and South America
  • Sparkling and Fortified wines
  • The major spirits and how they are made

The final hour of the course is given over to a comprehensive examination that, when passed, entitles you to the Level 2 Award in Wines, a highly coveted certification within the hospitality industry. Passing the exam and gaining a Level 2 certification is a serious accomplishment. It's not an easy exam, which is why you want to register early so you can read over the materials before class, and then study the material in an environment with a proven record of success. Fine Vintage, Ltd. is the most successful WSET provider in North America, with a 97% pass rate... Just sayin'!

At Fine Vintage, Ltd, we pride ourselves on the number of wines we taste, and especially the quality of the wines offered. You won't learn a lot by tasting a mass-produced cabernet sauvignon off the grocery store shelf, but having a skilled tutor help you compare a classified Left Bank Bordeaux with a high-end Napa or Sonoma Cab (as we do in our course) and you will pick up some amazing insights. Looking to really polish your wine and spirits knowledge and tasting skills? To my mind, this is without question the best place to do it.

A Sense of Urgency

For more information on the Level Two course, click here to open a new window on the Fine Vintage, Ltd. website. And to register for the course with Fine Vintage, click here

One caveat is in order: Advance registration is necessary to assure you receive the text book and study guide well before the class begins so you may read through the materials before we have the classroom review. While we can accept registrations as close as three weeks before the class begins, you should book your place as early as possible to assure you have a time to look over the text book. Remember, the course reinforces what is in the text book, it is not a replacement for the text book! And, as we have seen in several Chicago courses, classes do fill up. We keep the group relatively small to maximize the interactive aspect of learning about wine, so book your space while there is room. Once we reach the. maximum class size, the course is closed. Don't miss your chance for a Level 2 certification and a great tasting and learning experience this summer

I look forward to sharing a great wine adventure with you in Fine Vintage's WSET Level 2 at Chicago's City Winery this July! City Winery is located at 1200 W Randolph Street,  Chicago, IL, 60607.